Nutritional Analysis

                                                                           This Concentrate contains Selenium at 0.5mg/kg

Protein (min)25%
Fat (min)15%
Crude Fiber (max)8%
Calcium (actual)1.0%
Phosphorus (actual)0.8%
Sodium 0.3%
Vitamin A (min)12,000IU/kg
Vitamin D3 (min)2,800IU/kg
Vitamin E (min)400IU/kg

Paddock Tree Equine Concentrate is a Soy Free,

Grain Free, Fortified Blend providing a full spectrum

of nutrition for your horses daily needs.


With a superior micro and macro mineral quality

and inclusion rate, concentrated highly digestible

protein and fat content, and a vast amino

acid spectrum, PTEC is fed at half the rate of

most commercial feeds.  

Combined with a digestible fiber source,

PTEC provides your horse everything they

need for optimal performance.

Ingredients: Peas, Sunflower Meal, Cold Pressed Flax, Alfalfa, MadBarn Omneity Vitamin Mineral Premix, Flax Oil.

Paddock Tree NSC Brochure

Feeding Directions

Paddock Tree Equine Concentrate is formulated to be fed with a high quality fiber source such as beet pulp or alfalfa/timothy soaked cubes.

PTEC Feeding rates range 500g - 2kg per day with equal parts fiber source, depending on activity level, weight, and nutritional needs.

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